Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Havelock Island

The Havelock Island is about 38kilometres from Port Blair. It is one of the best holiday destinations in Andaman and Nicobar iIslands, and one of the most important places to visit in almost all the Andaman tourism packages. The attractions that this place offers are its pristine clear beaches and coral reefs. The popular beaches are Radhanagar beach (which is also known as Beach No.7), Vijaynagar beach (also known as Beach No.5), Govindnagar beach (also known as Beach No.3) and Elephanta beach. Tourists love basking under the sun on these sun-kissed shores. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the most enjoyable here. The other activities include the mangrove safari, fishing, trekking, etc. Undoubtedly the Havelock Island is the most visited tourist spots in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Neil Island

Neil Island is the picture perfect destination for eco-tourism lovers. Travel enthusiasts who love to spend time around eco-friendly locales; this is just the right place for you. You will find lust green paddy fields, banana plantations and other tropical trees all around. The Andaman honeymoon packages suggest Neil Island to the newly wed couples. You can just lie back in the green fields and enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty. It has three beaches namely Sitapur, Bharatpur and Lakhsmanpur. The settlers are mostly Bengali. Agriculture and fishing are the main occupation of the people here. There are few restaurants and beach hotels which cater to the international and domestic tourists. The water sports include swimming and snorkeling mainly. This island is mainly flocked by travelers who love to spend time in isolation.

Jolly Buoy Island

The Jolly Buoy Island is one hour journey from Wandoor beach. This island is located in the Mahatma Gandhi National Park. If a tourist wishes to enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature then the Jolly Buoy Island is the ideal place for him to visit. The attractions which this island offers are scuba diving, snorkeling and the glass bottom boats which help to take a closer look at the coral colonies. The breathtaking view of the underwater life will surely win your heart. This island is regarded as one of those locales in Andaman and Nicobar islands which virtually beckons you with its majestic charm and splendor. A perfect destination for a motivated traveler and also for honeymoon couples. Almost all Andaman travel agencies have this place registered in their tour plan.

Viper Island

The Viper Island is the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is situated near Port Blair in Andaman district. This place is of utmost historical importance. Before the Cellular Jail was built the British used the jail at Viper Island to inflict the worst form of torture on our freedom fighters. The need for building a jail was only felt when the British set up a penal settlement at Port Blair in 1858. The construction of the jail was carried out during 1864-1867. The jail is also known as the 'Viper Chain Gang Jail'. It got such a name because the prisoners were chained together and confined at night by a chain around their legs. If you visit this place, its ambience will surely take you back in time. Today only the ruins of the jail remain along with a deafening silence. It is one of the most important tourist spots owing to its history. This place has also got beautiful picnic spots with picturesque environment. If you are on your Andaman tour then you should definitely rule out the idea of not visiting this island.

Cinque Island

Cinque Island is an uninhabited island. To visit this beautiful island permission from the Forest Department is required. The Andaman and Nicobar islands have many other beautiful and enticing tourist places but the Cinque Island is the best place to relax and enjoy the bliss of solitude. It is a very rejuvenating place which provides you with a very calm and tranquil ambience, away from the clutters of city life. Tourists should keep it in mind that permission for a night visit is rarely granted by the Forest Department. One can bask in numerous recreational activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, camping and fishing. The pristine beaches beckon the travelers throughout the year. It has very rapidly developed into a favorite tourist destination. It is an easily accessible island. There are many routes to reach this place, a two and half hours boat ride from Chirya Tapu being the easiest.

Ross Island

The Ross Island is located about 2 kilometers east of Port Blair. One can reach there by a boat ride from Phoenix Bay Jetty. Today the island flaunts a haunted look. But even in its dilapidated condition it is a tourist hotspot. A few signs of colonial glory can be found there today. Once upon a time Ross island was the Administrative Headquarters for the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The island is controlled by the Indian navy now and they follow a very strict rule book. Tourists desire to know more and more about this island. The history of this place enthralls the visitors. The sight-seeing include the ruins of the Anglican Church, the chief commissioner's house with its big gardens and splendid ballrooms, cemetery and a small museum. Today the Ross Island is an uninhabited place but only a few decades ago it used to be the seat of British power. But today the government of India does not allow any human inhabitation. Almost every Andaman travel agency has included this place in their sight-seeing list.

Barren Island

Barren Island is the active volcano in South Asia. A Union territory of India, the Andaman and Nicobar islands is located at least 135 kilometers northeast of Port Blair and is also a tourist hot spot. Without having any landmarks or monuments that can be of any historical importance, tourists just flock this place. The Andaman travel packages conduct itinerated trips to the island weekly. However it should always be kept in mind is that the visit restricts to on board vessels only. It is not allowed to land ashore. Only scientists can land ashore and conduct researches. One also enjoys the enchanting island beauty from the vessels only. The first activity of the volcano was recorded in 1787 and the latest was recorded in May, 2008. Few animals can survive through the difficult environment of the island; the largest species of the existing fauna there is the feral goat. The Barren Island is therefore the ideal destination for a motivated traveler.

Baratang Island

The Baratang island is known as the land of natural wonders, the perfect place for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. This island has got everything, from evergreen forests to littoral forests of Mud Volcano near Jarawa Creek. If you are on your Andaman tour then you should not miss visiting the Parrot island. The name says it all. This is the home for thousands of parrots. Every day at sunset the unique view of thousands of parrots returning to their nest is one of the most enthralling experience one gets to share. For those who want to return on the same day it is advisable to take a conducted tour from Port Blair but in that case you will miss the Parrot island. The most exciting part of your visit to Baratang island is your journey to the Jarwah Forest Reserve. The Jarwahs are short in height, black in complexion with reddish eyes. Civilization has not yet touched them. They survive on roasted pig meat, fish, fruits and other wild berries. One should be very cautious during this part of the journey. So please keep away from the Jarwahs and enjoy the experience.

Chatham Island

The Chatham Island is situated towards the northern tip of Port Blair. This island is a significant part of the colonial history of India. The Chatham Island is also famous for the Chatham Saw Mill. In the year 1883, this saw mill was established to meet the demand for sawed timber. Sawed timber was required in huge quantities for different construction works in Port Blair and Chatham Island. This saw mill is the mother of all saw mills in Asia, the largest and the oldest. The 100 meters long Chatham Bridge connects Port Blair with Chatham Island. It is another tourist attraction. The Andaman travel packages have always included this place in their sight-seeing list. The bridge was initially constructed out of timber but later renovated with concrete structures. This island is the perfect destination for a traveler who wants to be away from the clutter of urban India. Owing to the small size of the island tourists have always loved it. You just need hours to complete the sight-seeing, a very sweet place with mesmerizing scenic beauty.


Redskin Island

Red Skin Island is another island which is part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. It homes a nice beach. It offers a spectacular view of corals and marine life. Havelock Island boasts of unpolluted environment. It provides an idyllic resort in the lap of a virgin beach. There is camping facility available near Radhanagar beach.


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Havelock Island
Havelock Island
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Neil Island
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